Importer of auto parts & accessories on our small market.Our anual import from China, Hong Kong and Dubai is more ….
Address:Franje Vulca 22/5, Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Since its founding in 1989,TRIO MOTORS occupies the pre-eminent position one of most important distributor ….
Address:Futoska 102, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro
Lobex Evropa *****
Sell agent for sport products and wear. Also auto accessories supplier. We have our tree separate stores office that ….
Address:Mirce Aceva 2a, Belgrade, Vozdovac, Serbia and Montenegro
Primako Exim Doo
We are Primako Exim doo based in Senta , Serbia and Montenegro. member of since October, 2009. Our ….
Address:Dimitrija Tucovca 14, Senta, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
GMB Automatik
We are GMB Automatik based in Belgrade , Serbia and Montenegro. member of since September, 2009. Our ….
Address:Kvarnerska 26, Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Zz Agricoltore
We are zz Agricoltore based in Backi VInogradi , Serbia and Montenegro. member of since October, 2009. ….
Address:Horgoska 22a, Backi VInogradi, Serbia/Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro
Moviestar Ltd.
We are Moviestar Ltd. based in , Serbia and Montenegro. member of since July, 2012. Our business is ….
Address:Serbia and Montenegro
Since the beginning of our existence main goal is to produce high end sport socks for professional athlete, ….
Address:Nosilaca Karadjordjeve Zvezde bb, Nis, Serbia and Montenegro
We import and sell used motorcycles, also new motorbike equipment, parts accessories. want to expend our business ….
Address:Ohridska bb, Zemun - Belgrade, Other, Serbia and Montenegro
Dentosan Plus Ltd
DentoSan Plus was established in 1993. In Novi Sad. Initially the company produced only a toothbrush, but eventually ….
Address:Put Sajkaskog Odreda BB, Novi Sad, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
We are small Serbian manufacturers.We produce wedding dresses and evening gowns,hand made painted accessories of ….
Address:Maksima Gorkog, Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro
SZR "B&G" Leskovac
A small firm, manufacturing hair, body and face care products, situated in Leskovac, Serbia, established 1998 ….
Address:Jovana Cvijica 18, Leskovac, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
A&G Polyart
The core business of the company is manufacture plastic objects, also it registered for wholesale trade. main ….
Address:Danila Kisa 29, Vrsac, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Eduko Doo
Our company manufactures and sells wooden toys childrens furniture for over 10 years.Our products are made of ….
Address:Djordja Jovanovica 9, No, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Paper towels v-fold manufacture. Recyle paper. (White, Gray, Green) From 2006. Major supplier in Serbia with best ….
Address:Drage Mihajlovica 7, Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Univers Co
Company Univers co was founded in 1992. There are more then 100 employes working the office, warehouse and retail ….
Address:Milana Resetara 9, Zemun, Other, Serbia and Montenegro
Since 1991, the manufacturer "POLLINO" from Belgrade (SERBIA & MONTENEGRO) has been engaged in ….
Address:Industrijska BB, Belgrade, Simanovci, Serbia and Montenegro
Trgoprevoz Das D.o.o.
Our company is located in Serbia.Our primary business manufacturing equipment for the automotive industry, a ….
Address:Baje Sekulica bb, Serbia, Other, Serbia and Montenegro
sell safety produkt, gloves, shoes, bouts, clothes, work unifoms for army, military and police oficer. ….
Address:Goce Delceva 2, NIS, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Telix Doo
Computer engineering company. Manufacturer of the most accurate Laser Detection Radar - Lidar . The efficient in ….
Address:Futoski put 4, Novi Sad, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
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