Taiwan great invention POCT (Smart Power-Free Shockproof Cutout)

  • Company : Long Men Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Region : , Taiwan
  • Category : Energy Products > Other Energy Related Products
  • Specification : POCT specifications Applicable voltage: 70 kV~780 kV (kilovolts) Applicable current: 0~50,000 A (ampere) Dimension: Length 15cm x Width 9cm x Height 8cm N.W. : 1.5 kg
  • Contact Person : Leon Hsu|||GM
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  • Website : http://longmenpoct.eapp.tw/
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Instant Messenger : Skype,live:u524001
  • Update : Jan/31/2021
  • Product Details

    An autonomous shockproof cutout~ Short-circuit accident nemesis~ Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident: The big east Japan earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 caused a series of equipment damage. When the 275 kV tower of the first nuclear power plant fell, the circuit breaker could not perform power isolation, thus destroying the entire power distribution system. It led to chain disasters, such as cooling system failure, furnace core melting and radioactive material leakage. POCT (Needless of the control or signal power) smart cutout, can accurately detect the fault current and trigger the tripping circuit breaker within 0.02 seconds (from the occurrence of overcurrent to the activation of the circuit breaker), effectively suspend the expansion of the short circuit. POCT features: 1. Power- Free & Shockproof. 2. Trip the circuit breaker easily, quickly and safely 3. Light and easy to be installed

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